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Monday, December 3, 2012


Hi everyone!  I am here with my Inkettes DT inspiration post that you can also find on INKY IMPRESSIONS INSPIRATION BLOG.  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend.  My day started with a couple dr. trips for my oldest daughter, so I am running a bit behind, and I am exhausted, so this is going to be very short and sweet.  I have some EXCITING NEWS and more projects to share, but my brain is moving so slow now everything else is going to need to wait for tomorrow.

Anyway, I LOVE my Copics, but I am definitely not very artistic beyond being able to stay with in the lines when I color.  However, in the course of coloring a huge variety of stamped images, I realized that sometimes an image needs some sort of scenery added to it and I don't have many chair or coach type stamps.  So, I started experimenting with my Copics and have created several different types of scenes by adding walls, grass, sidewalk or dirt ground.

Today, I have chosen to work with INKY IMPRESSIONS SHOP image "Winter Fashion Marlee."  I colored her with my Copics as usual.   For her fur trim, I used one of the lightest blues and my Copic blender.

Now, she looks fine and I could have used her as is, but I decided she looks like she is sitting on something and today, it's a brick wall.  So, I started with my darkest color N6 in this case, and made the top of the wall.

Next, I added N4 and N2 to finish out the wall.  I always start darkest and go lighter since the part she would be sitting on would be the darkest.  I do added shadows where her legs are for reflection.

Finally, I take the broad end of my Copic blender and I make "bricks" and voila, there she is, sitting on a wall, ready to be added to any of your projects.  Hope you like it!!


Rosalee said...

Love your new blog look. Love your coloring work on Marlee. So beautiful!!!
Hugs, Rosalee

Ea Christiansen said...

Thank you for a great tutorial - so nice and simple.

Anonymous said...

wonderful coloured!
hello from Elma

Maryann Laursen said...

WOUW this was really a cool tips, thank you so much for an awesome tutorial. I definitely never thought of this, but it´s really a cool and easy way. Thanks sooo much.
And what a great coloring Audrey, the image looks fabulous.

Glennis F said...

Brilliant idea Audrey - aren't you clever!!

Margreet said...

Gorgeous colouring Audrey!
xxx Margreet

Ustvarjalni utrinki Tamara P. said...

Thanks for tutorial-love it
Tamara :)

Michele said...

Hi Audrey!! I am one of the Digi Darla DT's. I just became a new follower! Great blog!! :) Welcome to the group!!

Chriss America Real said...

Love that brick wall! Your whole image is so cute!

Unknown said...

This image is gorgeous and your colouring is beautiful Audrey, I love the brick wall, so creative :)